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Connect and collaborate on the world’s best platform for amateur and professional artists, producers, talent agents, and other like-minded entertainment industry professionals like you. Showcase your talents, get paid, and make your dream a reality.

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For Talents

Collaborate With The Right People

Build your own amazing virtual team on demand and unlock your celebrity status idea. Connect with producers, musicians, sound engineers, fashion designers, filmmakers, actors, photographers and many more. Work conveniently together to realize your dreams.

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For Entertainment Professionals

Discover New Talents & Projects

Unearth hidden talents, find high paying projects that require your skills and get paid to do what you love. Offer to produce a beat, short a video, coach a talent or anything in between in your own terms on the largest network of independent entertainers.

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Why Industry Professionals Choose UROCK365

UROCK365 isn’t just another platform, but the world’s leading, globally distributed marketplace for entertainment professionals and talented amateurs to meet, collaborate, work together and get paid for their skills.

A Hybrid Platform

Our passionate community is two in one — a professional network and a talent marketplace. We offer you the best opportunity to achieve your dreams by expanding your network while helping you leverage your skills to make money.

A Global Network

We are the world’s only community for enthusiastic entertainers. We connect you with top artists, musicians, dancers, fashion designers and more so you can assemble the right team for your next project.

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Find Wok & Get Paid

We make it easier for you to search and discover top paying projects in our marketplace so you can earn fast. Our fees are the lowest in the industry, providing you with a maximum value at the least cost.

Premium User Advantages

Have an unfair advantage over free accounts, network, work and scale your dream. Earn more by paying less fees as a premium user. Get faster payouts for referrals and get shared revenue from our marketplace service fees.


Check how this app looks like, it’s modern and cool

The Passionate Community You've Always Wanted

UROCK365 is the community to find opportunities, leverage your skills, feel inspired and get the support you need to grow your career as you network with like-minded amateurs and professionals of the entertainment industry.

Power Up Your Career

These amazing features are why top tier clients, amateur talents and industry professionals love UROCK365.

Post & Find Jobs

We provide you with a secure talent marketplace to post a job, search for projects and hire a pro or join in to provide your own services and earn extra by offering your skills to the largest network of entertainment professionals.

Payment Protection

We offer safe payment and secured escrow payment protection with multiple payment methods so you can work, earn and get paid the way you like it. Fast, convenient and less service fees

Secured Messaging

We use unparalleled data and messaging security in our in-app chats and private messaging. So you can confidently send and receive collaboration requests, invites, files, payments and feedback knowing that your collaboration is secured.

Portfolio Showcase

Showcase your expertise and talents with our rich portfolio feature. Upload, customize and share unlimited pictures and videos portfolios items to build and persuade your prospective clients and collaborators that you’re the right person for the job

Social Networking

Enjoy a fully-flagged social media experience on our platform. Follow your favourite talents or network with industry professionals. Like, comment & share contents that inspire you. Do everything else you love right on your own profile.

Personalized Job Feed

Search, discover and save new projects, talents and collaboration requests. Our platform uses AI to learn your interests, skills and recommend talents, projects and content you love to enhance your experience.

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We've got affordable pricing packages


$ 0.00 /month
  • Full App Access
  • Customizable Profile Page
  • Limited Storage Space
  • In-App Ads
  • Regular Service Fees
  • No Paid Referrals
  • No Share Revenue Compensation

1 Year

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$ 2.49 /month
  • Full App Access
  • Customizable Profile Page
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • No In-App Ads
  • 45% Lower Service Fees
  • $5:00 USD Paid Referrals
  • 20% Share Revenue
Select Plan

6 Months

$ 3.99 /month
  • Full App Access
  • Customizable Profile Page
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • No In-App Ads
  • 45% Lower Service Fees
  • $5:00 USD Paid Referrals
  • 20% Share Revenue

3 Months

$ 5.99 /month
  • Full App Access
  • Customizable Profile Page
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • No In-App Ads
  • 45% Lower Service Fees
  • $5:00 USD Paid Referrals
  • 20% Share Revenue

UROCK365 empowers me to collaborate and work with talented people across the world on my music project with ease. Exciting energy, backgrounds and creativity make the project fun.

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Frank Woods


“I only needed my laptop or cell phone and an internet connection…I can turn my skills into a money-making freelancing business. I choose the project to work on and I get paid fast with less fees”

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Benson Marky


“With UROCK365, I get to meet amazing talent from all over the world. I can search, discover and groom talented individuals for a successful career. I just love nurturing talents”

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Jacob Rise

CEO, TalentPLUS Agency

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